When our clients reach goals the thought they could never achieve it makes all the effort to build this site workhwhile and then some!

"Throughout my career I've spent so much time trying to learn what B.A.S.E.S. just brought to me in one DVD! It's these simple, fundamental concepts that need to be addressed before starting any strength and conditioning program."
Sean Casey
12 MLB seasons, 3 time All-Star, 1999 Hutch Award Winner
"I must say thanks to you BIG time for the program you set up back in Dec, its the best I have ever seen and I'm using this with other players and to see the growth so fast the only thing to say here is dude WELL DONE!!! It reads very well and having numbers from the past with your program has made Joel better. You have played a small role in Joel's life but in the same breath you have had the best impact making him better."
David Title 
Sports Agent
"I have been teaching baseball for eight years from T-Ball to Majors, I have also had the opportunity to play baseball in High School and in College. Upon completion of the B.A.S.E.S clinic I have finally understood the key goal upon improving a player not only in baseball but in all sports through these simple techniques that I have not been taught through my years of playing and coaching. The key eliminate is so simple but vital in all sports that youth are involved , so simple that I am implementing the clinics guidelines in our leagues.
As coaches we believe it is our jobs to improve a child in the sport they are interested in, how many of us have actually went to a class specifically based on improving a player attitude and body ? I have always wondered throughout my childhood as what eliminate will allow me to run faster or excel above other players, B.A.S.E.S is the program that will allow a player the 'Key' to be successful in any sport and in life. The B.A.S.E.S clinic/program is well organized, planned and implemented by a phenomenal staff , I have had nothing but amazing testimonials from my coaches after the clinic.
If you want to develop a child a be a successful in sports/life you have to develop the 'Core', once this is established the rest is easy. "
Brian Curran
Minor League Director South Lakeland (Florida) Babe Ruth League
B.A.S.E.S provides expert instruction with a first class presentation style for young baseball and softball players. This DVD is a one-shop opportunity for young athletes to get all the information they need to maximize their potential. Stay on the cutting edge and examine this DVD.
Dr. Jay Hoffman
Exercise Physiologist and President of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
"This is one of the most versatile and transferable DVD's I've in quite some time! The components for developing strength, power and over all conditioning goes without saying. This is an outstanding tool that will benefit all ages and sports. We will implement some of these techniques in our off – season conditioning program. This will help provide us with the variety and specificity that we need to keep our guys on the cutting edge. I would recommend this DVD with my highest regard."
Malcolm Blacken 
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Washington Redskins
"As you know, my college-aged son commenced the customized BASES program only a few weeks ago. Already, other people and I have noticed excellent progress in his physique and baseball mechanics. For him, you identified that he should focus less on raw strength from only his major muscle groups and more greatly on other conditioning -- his balance, agility, the elasticity and quickness from his small muscle groups, and greater flexibility in his hips, torso and shoulder. We are seeing noticeable enhancements in his body tone and other physical fitness including his balance, agility, all-around strength, explosiveness and speed. His stamina, consistency and pitch velocity are all ramping up.
My son has participated in many sports and fitness programs over the years, with all his teams and conditioning regimes. From these experiences, plus through on-going research including on the internet, he has learned and applied many practical ideas to earn a competitive edge. Not only has he benefited and earned success, but others benefit too as he successfully passes on his know-how through being a sought-after baseball, hockey and general fitness instructor. The point is -- although we are not experts, we are familar with fitness and conditioning programs.
I must tell you that after being introduced to the BASES program and after doing our typical research and due diligence, our expectations were very high about what my son would gain from the BASES program. But, deeds speak. So, we reserved our comments until we could observe definite benefits. After only a few weeks, the benefits are starting to show."
Thank you, again.
Lance Gattoni

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Most programs focus on sport skills...how to throw a ball, how to catch a ground ball, how to swing. B.A.S.E.S. focuses on Athletic Skill Conditioning which will allow your body to execute the movements on the field much better. Failure to address and practice these Athletic Skills at a young age often results in many talented athletes being forced to quit playing a sport, either because of injury or the inability to compete against their peers at more advanced levels. B.A.S.E.S. recognizes the importance of age-appropriate athletic development at the youth level. The specificity of the B.A.S.E.S. Programs will aid in the reduction of injury and maximize the performance of youth athletes, giving them the opportunity to stay involved in sports longer.