Let the foremost experts in the fields of, strength, conditioning, health, fitness, nutrition and sport provide you with the specific exercise and workout instruction you need to take your game to the next level... the HEALTHY way.

You probably didn't realize that you were born an athlete!!  Regardless of natural ability it takes many years for the elite athlete to evolve and reach their own athletic potential. B.A.S.E.S. stands for Balance, Agility, Strength, Explosiveness, and Speed (max velocity). The result of all five of these skills, applied together, is power. But you play a sport and your goal is to become an even better athlete and maximize your power!  As a result, you need to understand how to further develop and maximize all five skills, simultaneously and most efficiently, to realize your true athletic potential.You might not have been born with the natural gifts to become a professional baseball or softball player but become a B.A.S.E.S. athlete and you will undoubtedly improve your sport performance.

Guided by the foremost experts in sport, fitness, wellness, and nutrition, B.A.S.E.S. bridges the gap between science and application to provide you with:

  1. the necessary educational resource to learn what it takes to create a well-rounded elite athlete.
  2. strategic, personalized athletic conditioning programs for youth and high school athletes (ages 8-18).

B.A.S.E.S. Goals are to:

  • Reduce injuries to youth athletes by properly and safely training the body to perform the sport skills required in baseball and softball
  • Improve performance in youth athletes by strengthening the body and mind to allow the athlete to execute the baseball and softball skills they are taught
  • Provide healthy and safe alternatives to damaging conditioning practices
  • Help you apply all five B.A.S.E.S. skills simultaneously, allowing you to reach your ultimate goal, improved power!

Common problems athletes, parents, and coaches face:

  • Lack of knowledge of the significance athletic conditioning plays in the development and performance of a healthy youth athlete
  • No experience in athletic conditioning and therefore no knowledge or ability to educate and train youth athletes safely and effectively
  • Time constraints to create and deliver an effective training program
  • Most exercise programs are limited to just one philosophy - Yoga, Pilates, Plyometrics or Weightlifting.

B.A.S.E.S. is your solution and includes the following:

  • The B.A.S.E.S. DVD features the foremost leaders in their fields: MLB players and their strength and conditioning coaches; Gold Medal winning softball players; physicians (including Dr. James Andrews), athletic trainers; physical therapists; nutritionists; and sports psychologists
  • Personalized athletic conditioning programs designed by the best athletic development experts
  • On-line exercise videos, pictures and descriptions to help you implement your personalized program
  • Continued education in strength and conditioning, nutrition, psychology and more delivered through our website

"It's knowing why and how you're going to use an exercise that makes it a great exercise."
Javair Gillett - Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Detroit Tigers

Regardless of your goals, B.A.S.E.S. is your complete guide toward reaching your highest level of performance on the field, the healthy way!

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B.A.S.E.S. recognizes the importance of age-appropriate athletic development at the youth/amateur level.  The specificity of the B.A.S.E.S. Programs will aid in the reduction of injury and maximize the performance of youth/amateur athletes, giving them the opportunity to stay involved in competitive sports longer.