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Joe Rogowski, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Orlando MagicCutting-edge technology to help coaches learn about their players and create the proper environment so that their players can reach their true athletic potential.

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Most programs focus on sport to throw a ball, how to catch a ground ball, how to swing. B.A.S.E.S. focuses on Athletic Skill Conditioning which will allow your body to execute the movements on the field much better. Failure to address and practice these Athletic Skills at a young age often results in many talented athletes being forced to quit playing a sport, either because of injury or the inability to compete against their peers at more advanced levels. B.A.S.E.S. recognizes the importance of age-appropriate athletic development at the youth level. The specificity of the B.A.S.E.S. Programs will aid in the reduction of injury and maximize the performance of youth athletes, giving them the opportunity to stay involved in sports longer.